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Playoff schedule for Triad Pro-Am (BEGINS TOMORROW NIGHT)

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Wednesday Night

7:00- #4 SalemSmiles (CMM, Rountree, Fischer, Green) vs. #5 Triad Commercial Properties (Guilford College)

8:00- #3 Modern Automotive (McKie, Jones, Washington) vs. #6 Mountain Fried Chicken (Watts, Bishop, Cook)

Thursday Night

6:30- #2 Grace, Tisdale, Clifton (Harris, Moto, Thomas, Jennings) vs. WINNER OF 3/6 MATCHUP

7:30- #1 Elliot, Pishko, & Morgan (Holcomb-Fayes) vs. WINNER OF 4/5 MATCHUP


To clear up any confusion that may be surrounding the playoff schedule for the Triad Pro-Am, I have the schedule above.

The Holcomb-Fayes, as expected got the #1 seed overall, but should SalemSmiles defeat TCP, they will get the chance to knock off the Holcomb-Fayes for the second straight year and end their run. The H-F's will seemingly have to go through all three Wake teams to get this years title.

Should be a great and competitive next two nights, so get out there and support the Deacs at FCDS!