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Triad Pro-Am Schedule for Monday, July 30th


Triad Pro-Am Summer League - 664

Games Wins Losses Ties Points Win/Loss %
1 Grace, Tisdale & Clifton, P.A 5 3 1 1 3 1.20%
1 Elliot Pishko Morgan PA And Silver Edge Gear 5 3 1 1 3 1.20%
3 Modern Automotive Of Winston Salem 5 2 2 1 2 0.80%
3 Salem Smiles Orthodonics 5 2 2 1 2 0.80%
5 Triad Commercial Properties 5 1 3 1 1 0.40%
5 Mountain Fried Chicken 5 1 3 1 1 0.40%

The final week of the Triad Pro-Am kicks off tonight with three more games from Forsyth Country Day School. Tonight we get to see Travis McKie and his squad take on CMM, Fischer and Co. It will be interesting to see Washington match up against Green in what will figure to be the fight for the center position throughout the year.

In the second game of the night we have CJ and his semi-pros squad take on league manager Kishon Bishop and his team.

The final game features what should be a blowout, the Holcomb-Fayes vs. Guilford College.

As always we will have all the information here at Blogger So Dear, so stay tuned and check us out throughout the night!

6:30 p.m. ET

Salem Smiles Orthodonics: Codi Miller-McIntyre, Chase Fischer, Daniel Green, Aaron Rountree


Modern Automotive of Winston Salem: Travis McKie, Madison Jones, Tyler Cavanaugh (injured), Andre Washington

7:30 p.m. ET

Grace, Tisdale & Clifton, P.A: C.J. Harris, Arnaud Adala Moto, Devin Thomas, Spencer Jennings, Chas McFarland


Mountain Fried Chicken: Ilian Evtimov: (NC State), Vassil Evtimov (UNC)

8:30 p.m. ET

Triad Commercial Properties: No Deacs (Guilford College team)


Elliot Pishko Morgan PA and Silver Edge Gear: David Weaver, Reyshawn Terry (UNC), Holcomb-Fayes