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SB Nation Previews The 2012 ACC Football Season

It's getting close, eh guys? SB Nation is making its rounds and previewing the various conferences, spearheaded by college football guru Bill Connelly, who has taken a stab at just about every team in division one this summer.

The ACC is nothing new -- Florida State and Virginia Tech are primarily highlighted, along with Clemson, and the big storyline according to Connelly is whether or not Florida State is "crying wolf, once again." It's a short video, and you can find the other conference previews here.

I don't really expect a conference preview to mention Wake Forest, especially at a running time of just over two minutes, but it was nice to hear BC and Wake mentioned in regards to ACC Championship appearances.

As we've said a few times this year, yes, Tajh Boyd and Logan Thomas are the marquee quarterbacks this year, but Demon Deacon signalcaller Tanner Price should probably be getting a bit more publicity of his own. As is the Wake Forest way, underdog status is never a bad thing.