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SB Nation Previews The 2012 ACC Football Season

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It's getting close, eh guys? SB Nation is making its rounds and previewing the various conferences, spearheaded by college football guru Bill Connelly, who has taken a stab at just about every team in division one this summer.

The ACC is nothing new -- Florida State and Virginia Tech are primarily highlighted, along with Clemson, and the big storyline according to Connelly is whether or not Florida State is "crying wolf, once again." It's a short video, and you can find the other conference previews here.

I don't really expect a conference preview to mention Wake Forest, especially at a running time of just over two minutes, but it was nice to hear BC and Wake mentioned in regards to ACC Championship appearances.

As we've said a few times this year, yes, Tajh Boyd and Logan Thomas are the marquee quarterbacks this year, but Demon Deacon signalcaller Tanner Price should probably be getting a bit more publicity of his own. As is the Wake Forest way, underdog status is never a bad thing.