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Triad Pro-Am Interviews 7/16 Daniel Green, Andre Washington, CMM and Travis McKie

One of the many great things about the Triad Pro-Am Summer League is the proximity and the access that we have to the players. After the games we got a chance to interview Daniel Green, Andre Washington, Codi Miller-McIntyre and Travis McKie.

Along with these interviews we will also secure interviews with the other freshmen and remaining players the next couple of weeks. We want to hear from everybody about their summer, how they have grown and what they think the team will look like over the next year/few years.

These interviews provide great insight into the players mindset and what they think about the team so far this year!


Click through the jump to read our interviews with Daniel and Andre

Daniel Green

BSD- Let's just get your thoughts on how basketball has been going for you lately? What are the freshmen bringing to the table and what have you been working on in your own game?

Green- I've been working on everything. Of course I had to put on a lot of weight so I've tried to stay in the weight room a lot. It's really the one thing that I've been striving to do since last year. As for the freshmen, they are looking really, really good, especially for only being here a couple of weeks. It's a big step up from last year and I think we will be really good this year.

BSD- You had 16 and 13 out there tonight and looked like a completely different player, where did that confidence come from?

Green- It's definitely a different mentality than last year. I was a freshman and that's always hard to adjust to at any college. This year I have that one year under my belt and that has really helped my confidence and it's really good for my game overall.

BSD- What's the team chemistry like, not only on your Pro-Am team, but the team overall?

Green- It's a lot better than last year. We have stepped it up tremendously, and there is also a lot more talent overall. We are really bonding together well and want to keep building on that.

Andre Washington

BSD- You looked great tonight and pulled in 23 and 11. What's the biggest difference in your game this year so far and last year at Hargrave Military Academy?

Washington- My footwork has gotten a lot better and I've gained a couple of pounds since I've been here already. At Hargrave we were always on the move and a lot of times we didn't get a lot of food and they would run out. Here at Wake Forest it's obviously completely different. We can eat whenever we want to at the Pit and that's great.

BSD- What are you working on the most since you've been at Wake? I'm guessing just adding weight to your frame is the primary thing right now?

Washington- Coach Britt has a really good program for us all individually. Not only that, we are always in the weight room and we can drink protein shakes, really as many as we want, so that helps a lot. I definitely stack up on those to help my weight training a bit.

BSD- What's it like at Wake so far with you at Wake on and off the court?

Washington- School is going really well for all of us so far. (The freshmen) have met a lot of different people on and off the court already, and we're hanging out with everybody. As far as the team goes, I love them and I'm just trying to take orders and advice from the older guys that have been here for a while in Travis, CJ, Chase and Daniel.

BSD- Your Pro-Am team looks really good, how would you handicap your chances the next two weeks?

Washington- Our team is flowing really well for just one game in and I definitely think we have as good a chance as anybody here.

Codi Miller-McIntyre

BSD- How does it feel to finally be down here after being committed for a year?

CMM- It feels really good. I've been waiting for this for a long time, even way before I was committed. It's great to be on a collegiate team with guys that want it as much as you do instead of just a high school team where you are the only guy out there. It feels good being with teammates that are willing to work as hard, if not harder to succeeding on the basketball court.

BSD- Is that one of the reasons you went to Hargrve (Military Academy) last year?

CMM- Yes sir, that was really the main reason I went there, as well as the competition that we were playing. If I had stayed at my old high school the competition wasn't going to help me get to a level that I needed to be at to perform well at Wake Forest.

BSD- What do you think your strengths are right now, and what do you think you need to improve the most to succeed at the ACC level?

CMM- My biggest strength is probably getting to the rim. I can do that almost any time that I want to and that's nice to have. I want to improve my full-court defense so I can defend players anywhere on the court. I also need to develop my left hand more so I can have that to balance my right hand. My jumpshot could also use some work as well.

BSD- What are you most looking forward to next season? What are your expectations?

CMM- Probably how many people we are going to surprise next season. The group that we have is extremely confident. When you have players like CJ, Chase, Travis and Daniel that have been there before and now are taking the freshmen under their wings, it is the recipe to surprise some people.

Travis McKie

BSD- How does it feel to be back out there on the court?

McKie- Man I've been on the court ever since March (laughs). We do this for the fans, but also to refine our games during the summer.

BSD- What have you been working on the most since last year?

McKie- Getting stronger, being more perimeter-oriented. We've been trying to redefine my game a little bit and trying to get a little more explosive all over the court.

BSD- You shot really well tonight, I assume you've been working on your jumper a bit?

McKie- Yeah that's been a big staple in my off-season workout. I want to be able to shoot the ball well and in the ACC you aren't going to be able to get into the lane every time so you've got to be able to do other things well to succeed.

BSD- The freshmen got on campus last week, how has that gone so far?

McKie- They are really good guys and they have great character. They work hard, they listen. They are going to be the staple-holders of the team like I was my freshman year. Everybody mentioned us when we came in and it's going to be the same for them too. I'm just trying to give them some knowledge and guidance to work with so they aren't going in blind!

I'm just trying to lead these guys the best I can. I know how hard it was when I was a freshmen and I didn't have anything to work off of so I just want to help them out as much as I can.

BSD- What are your expectations for next year?

McKie- We just want to get these fans up in the Joel every night and bring back Tie-Dye Nation. We know we've been bad the past two years, but we are over that now and everybody has to go through a type of transition. It's time go to work now.