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Triad Pro-Am Schedule for Thursday, July 19th

The first night of the Triad Pro-Am provided some great entertainment and perhaps at least a look into the future for the next four years. Let's see how the guys can follow up initial performances in the second game of the week tonight at FCDS (starting at 6:30 as always)

6:30 p.m. ET

Elliot Pishko Morgan PA and Silver Edge Gear: David Weaver, Reyshawn Terry (UNC), Holcomb-Fayes


Modern Automotive of Winston Salem: Travis McKie, Madison Jones, Tyler Cavanaugh (injured), Andre Washington

7:30 p.m. ET

Mountain Fried Chicken: Ilian Evtimov: (NC State), Vassil Evtimov (UNC)


Triad Commercial Properties: No Deacs (Guilford College team)

8:30 p.m. ET

Salem Smiles Orthodonics: Codi Miller-McIntyre, Chase Fischer, Daniel Green, Aaron Rountree


Grace, Tisdale & Clifton, P.A: C.J. Harris, Arnaud Adala Moto, Devin Thomas, Spencer Jennings, Chas McFarland

Click through the jump for a brief preview of the Thursday games and what to look for!

The first game of the night will feature the Holcomb-Fayes, coming off of a 65-43 throttling at the hands of Codi Miller-McIntyre and Aaron Rountree's team, against the team of Travis McKie, Andre Washington and Madison Jones (Tyler Cavanaugh is still out with a fractured bone in hit foot). It will be good to see how Washington matches up against Weaver inside and watch him bang around a little bit. Madison Jones vs. the Holcomb-Fayes at guard position will also be informative to watch as well.

The second game features the Guilford College team versus Kishon Bishop (and the Evtimov brothers if they show up). This game has no Deacs (past or present) on it.

The final game of the night will be the first of many games this summer with Deacs facing off against each other. It is also one that holds a lot of very intriguing matchups as far as Wake Forest fans are concerned. Codi vs. CJ will be an extremely entertaining matchup, as will Aaron Rountree vs. Arnaud Moto. Finally, Devin Thomas vs. Daniel Green in what could inevitably be the starting 4 vs. 5 on the team will be fun to see as well.

It's a great night for hoops at FCDS, so come on out and support the Deacs! If you see me there then give me a holler. I had a great time talking to fellow Deac fans on Monday night and would love to talk/get to know some other guys as well!