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7/16 Triad Pro-Am Summer League Game Two Highlight Reel

BSD Presents Triad Pro-Am Summer League 7/16 Game Two (via deacsfan27)

The second game of the night included Codi Miller-McIntyre, Aaron Rountree, Daniel Green, and Chase Fischer. All four impressed the crowds and led their team to a 65-43 blowout of the Holcomb-Fayes (defending champion of the Triad Pro-Am Summer League).

All the Wake guys are in white. CMM is #9, Green is #8, Fischer is #3, and Rountree is #7!

I'll try to get more highlights of Green on Thursday. He caught me a little by surprise and I didn't get as many clips of him as I wanted. Should be plenty of Codi, Aaron and Chase though. Enjoy!!!