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Triad ProAm Summer League 7/16 Game One Highlights: Travis McKie, Andre Washington, Madison Jones

BSD presents the Triad Pro-Am Summer League 7/16 Game One (via deacsfan27)

Travis McKie (neon shoes), Madison Jones (No. 2), Andre Washington (7'1 dude, No. 8)

Not the most thorough or comprehensive filming that I've ever done, but it was the first game of the Summer League and I was getting back into the swing of things. The next couple of games should be a lot better. Nonetheless, enjoy Travis McKie, Madison Jones and Andre Washington.

McKie is in the brightest shoes known to man. Jones is No. 2 and runs the point, and Andre is the 7'1 dude in the middle (No. 8).

Enjoy! More highlights will be up tomorrow, along with interviews from Andre Washington, Daniel Green, Codi Miller-McIntyre and Travis McKie!