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WE ARE ALIVE!!!: Wake Forest Football And Basketball Content Alert

Yes ... we here at Blogger So Dear are in fact still alive, despite the lack of content that we have been putting up on the site recently. I don't know if I speak for all of us when I say this, but I know I was just a little burnt out on Wake Forest sports. Sometimes it can be difficult to write week in and week out, especially when a team that you are passionate about is not performing at a very high level.

But that is in the past, and we here at BSD have some fantastic content coming for the readers in the next couple of weeks. With the Wake athletes getting back on campus this week, the Triad Pro-Am starting up (as well as new July workout sessions for the basketball players) and football season on the horizon, we have put together a schedule for the next two weeks!

Thank you for continuing to read and be loyal to BSD over time because we really appreciate the community that we have developed here!

Click through the jump to get the schedule for the upcoming weeks on Blogger So Dear

Triad Pro-Am Schedule*

7/15(Sunday)-Schedule for Monday night Triad Pro-Am League and previews of the games

7/16 (Monday)- Live chat starting at 6:00 for games, recaps after the game, video highlights

7/17 (Tuesday)- Any other interviews/recaps/highlights not put up on Monday night.

7/18 (Wednesday)- Schedule for Thursday night Triad Pro-Am League and previews of the games

*The schedule will be the same for the entirety of the Triad Pro-Am League unless otherwise noted.

Week One Football Breakdown Schedule

7/16 (Monday)- QB's
7/17 (Tuesday)- RB's
7/18- (Wednesday)- WR's/TE's
7/19 (Thursday)- O-Line
7/20 (Friday)- Offensive Two Deep Depth Chart

Week Two

7/23 (Monday)- CB's
7/24 (Tuesday)- Safeties
7/25 (Wednesday)- Linebackers
7/26 (Thursday)- D-Line
7/27 (Friday)- Defensive Two Deep Depth Chart

Our new writer, Griffin, will also provide previews and breakdowns of each of our opponents this year at some point as well. This should go well with the roster breakdowns that are being completed!

All y'all have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride by checking out the site daily for all of your up-to-date Wake Forest information! Enjoy!