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Wake Forest Performs Admirably In NCAA Football 13 Leaked Rankings

We're desperately searching for any and all football news, as the doldrums of summer suck the lifeblood out of each passing day. Such is the life of a college football fan. While the NBA is neat and all, and we more than anyone at the ACC appreciate Good Jobs and Good Efforts, we're still on the lookout for Wake-related info.

So it was at least worth a quick mention that the NCAA Football 13 team rankings have been leaked (via Tradition Sports Online), and the Demon Deacons are rated a bit higher than one might think. For the most part, the expected teams are at the top (Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Georgia, Michigan, Oklahoma and Oregon are highly ranked), although it gives pause to see both Clemson and Notre Dame at a 97.

Wake pulls off an 84 in Offense and a 76 in Defense, good for an 81 Overall. This has the Demon Deacons ranked around (or tied with) teams like USF, Temple, Syracuse, Southern Miss, Ohio, ECU and Kentucky, not exactly the murderer's row, but appropriate given the conservative expectations coming into this season.

With Tanner Price throwing to Michael Campanaro and handing off to a healthy Josh Harris, the offense should be fun to play with in the game, and there is a lot of upside to a still relatively young defense, including a ballhawking secondary.

The ratings will probably change, notes SB Nation football writer Jason Kirk, but for now, it's good to know the Deacs aren't stuck behind the Indianas and Minnesotas of the video game universe.