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Favorite Wake Forest-Related Olympic Moment: It Is Timmy And It Isn't Close

Hey, guys. Did you know that the Olympics are coming up soon? Oh, you did. Well, why am I still talking to myself, this is rather odd ... keep stalling, keep stalling. Okay, so now I remember why I am here.

I wanted to talk a little bit about my favorite moment in the Olympics, and yes there are a lot to choose from, probably mostly Dream Team-related, and I would rather just link you to Lang Whitaker because he is the best and this article was just a supreme example of why.

Also, it is easy to add in some gymnastics stuff because honestly for a sport I don't follow much, gymnastics end up being pretty exciting and "story-filled." I also thought Michael Phelps swimming was neat, and when people run fast that is also great.

For me though, there was one moment that stood out as just super cool and one that I really liked, plus it has the added bonus of being a Wake-themed one, and this is a Wake Forest blog.

Tim Duncan doesn't dunk much for a guy whose name has the sound dunk at the beginning of it. So when he does, it is entertaining. I remember that I was pretty much all-in on wanting to go to Wake at this point, and the Olympics were on, and since it was the summer and I was in high school, that meant I just was watching anything Olympics and Wimbledon related and probably working out in my basement because I wanted to be "in shape."

I didn't have DVR yet, but I caught the dunk out of the corner of my eye and just went bananas during the replays. Bogut was pretty hyped and would be the No. 1 pick the next year, but Duncan absolutely demolished him on this play. I mean like to the point that I bet Andrew thought for a second that he should instead be starring in one of Chris Lilley's shows instead or something.

Oh yeah, the U.S. lost the Olympics in basketball that year (okay, they got bronze), and Argentina won, and the United States had to start caring again because it was a little embarrassing that they stopped caring for a little while.

Yeah, it's just a small minuscule detail, but that is what makes the Olympics so great anyway. Every little moment is pretty amazing, even when Bob Costas spends like 20 minutes talking about a bobsled driver's aversion toward fabric softener.


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