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SF's Take: 5 Wake Forest Basketball Moments In The 2011-12 Season That Were Actually Pretty Cool

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Don't call it a comeback, I've been here a year! Okay, not quite, but you guys need to allow me that reference because come on, it's a classic. Anyway, the dog days of summer haven't exactly been kind by way of inspiration, but I've really been wracking my brain for something to do for a piece, since I really want to keep the content train rolling, even in the offseason.

In trying to figure out what to do, I realized a retrospective of sorts might be nice. In the vein of our fine managing editor's piece recently, I figured a Top 5 would be nice. So, that's established. While I love football, am psyched about it and plan to talk about it plenty in the upcoming season, I've got hoops on the brain, so hoops it is. Finally, being the optimist that I am, I decided to do it about this past season.

Yes folks, there were in fact things this past season that were genuinely worth enjoying. Sure, they may have been tragically few and far between, but that doesn't mean they're not worth mentioning.

Read the Top 5 after the jump...

5. The exhibition against Ferrum College

Okay, okay, so it was an exhibition. So it was against a D-III school. So the rest of the season didn't exactly pan out how we wanted, but it was pretty awesome to watch the team just completely outclass someone and destroy them on the court. It also happened to be the first report I did here on BSD! Either way, that exhibition has a special place for me, and it was a pretty great moment.

4. Destroying Boston College (twice)

Wins have been hard to come by the past couple of years, let alone convincing one and even more so in league play. But the Boston College Eagles helped us out with that this year. We won the game at Boston College, 71-56. Aside from the convincing score, there were some other highlights including freshman shooting fiend Chase Fischer drilling three threes on six attempts and Travis McKie grabbing a surprisingly rare double double with 20 points and 10 rebounds.

The affair at home was even more decisive, with Wake winning by a margin of 85-56. Not only was it the most lopsided victory of the season, it was the most lopsided victory of the entirety of Coach Bzdelik's tenure. Perhaps the most surprising statistic was was big man Carson Desrosiers (we'll miss you man) hitting three threes on four attempts. Really, it was an absolute clinic, and those are sadly hard to come by in recent history.

3. C.J. Harris scores point number 1,000

Hometown hero, junior shooting guard C.J. Harris hit a major milestone this year. He exploded in his junior campaign, becoming one of the leading scorers in the entirety of the ACC. As a result of this playing like a man possessed, he hit a milestone that few Deacons can claim to have done in their careers. hitting well over 1,000 career points with a full season left on his career.

Actually, it gets even more impressive than that. C.J. had 501 points in this year alone. That's right, he did more than half of that work in a single year. I actually have high hopes for his senior year as well. Chances are very good that C.J. will also have over 100 steals, 300 rebounds and 300 assists, at least if he produces on a level like he did this year.

2. Wake Forest defeats Nebraska, 55-53

A road thriller and Coach Bzdelik's first major conference road win, Wake topped Nebraska in the ACC-Big 10 Challenge this past year. It was such an awesome win that it caused me to write a rather passionate piece about the state of the program. Again, it didn't pan out quite the way I had thought in that piece, but the fact that I wrote that piece speaks volumes about just how amazing that win was.

C.J. Harris was the hero of the day, scoring the winning basket, though Chase Fischer was also huge for us in that game, scoring 13 points on 5-9 shooting. It was an awesome game, a feel-good moment, and something that galvanized the fanbase, if only for a few fleeting moments,

1. Wake Forest tops Virginia Tech, 58-55

Coming off of a year where Wake was in danger of going winless in the ACC, C.J. Harris (notice a common theme here?) played hero, and in the first ACC game of the season, vanquished that fear. Unquestionably the highlight of the season for me, I wrote this piece about it, and honestly, at the time I was thinking we could see a completely different team. Sure, we only won three more ACC games on the year, but compared to the year before, it felt like a world of difference, and the euphoria I felt live at the Joel as I yelled, "BOOM!" when C.J. drilled that winning three was a reminder of just how great it can feel to win, and it made me want more ... and be hopeful for more.


Well folks, that's my humble top five for last season's hoops campaign. Feel free to discuss your own tops below, or talk more about mine. Please do leave comments though. Thanks so much for reading. We'll get some more football content up in the coming weeks, I'm sure, and keep a look out for more content coming soon from the Rollin' Ronin. Thanks again for reading and as always, Go Deacs.