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My Favorite Wake Forest Sports Highlight

I always enjoy doing posts like this. It's the summer, so with the school year over, we get a lot of time to reflect on the year and college fanhood at large. The last couple seasons have been a bit rocky, all things considered, but in my time at Wake Forest (from 2005-09), there was a lot to be excited about.

So I've been taking a little time to think about my favorite sports moment, and since anyone who has ever read one of my posts knows me to be a.) indecisive and b.) a bit long-winded, that just means you're going to get a list of more than one moment. (Hey, I can't even pick a place to eat or a movie to rent without taking about 15-20 minutes and going through an incredible amount of agony, so you guys are getting off easy).

Without further ado, here are my top five Wake Forest sports highlights...

5.) Winning the 2006 ACC Championship in a rainy, sloppy affair over Georgia Tech

4.) James Johnson being James Johnson against Indiana

3.) Jeff Teague with about the nastiest dunk I've seen from a Wake player aside from Rodney Rodgers

2.) James Johnson center stage again, this time to beat No. 1 Duke and give Wake one of its biggest wins of the 2009 season, back when things could have been really special

1.) I mean, Chill

Obviously something like this is super objective, but those stood out. I encourage you guys to drop in your favorite moments, even if there isn't a YouTube highlight out there. Hopefully we'll get a moment or two like this again soon.