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Hey Cool Wake Forest Is Playing Nebraska In The Big Ten/ACC Challenge Again

Did you guys hear the great news? Wake Forest and Nebraska put on such a good show last time that the world wants to see them play again. That's right, the Demon Deacons and the Cornhuskers will be squaring off in a battle for intergalactic power at the Joel on November 27.

This worked out well last time as it was on the road and was likely was the Deacs' best road win last year. So that's neat. Maybe Wake will be able to win again against the starch-loving midwesterners.

We will all be anxiously awaiting this ESPN3 telecast, so after the jump let's talk about some things that are less exciting than Nebraska-Wake Forest Part Deux.

1.) Supper at Tom O'Brien's house at 4:30 on Wednesday when he is eating beef stroganoff

2.) Reruns of the Voice Season One

3.) Plain tortilla chips

4.) An empty matchbook

5.) The book Into The Wild

6.) Aldi lunch meat

7.) The number seven when not referenced in Se7en or Seinfeld forms

8.) Clorox with stain removing technology

As you can plainly see, Wake Forest vs. Nebraska is can't miss television. I, for one, will be adding it to my Google Calendar in the next few minutes.

What are some of your exciting things? Will you be watching this game?