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Jeff Bzdelik Gives Interview On Coaches Vs. Cancer, Future Of Wake Program

Coach Bzdelik gave an interview a few days ago about Tuesday's Coaches Vs. Cancer event, and naturally, the interview moved towards other topics, notably the Wake basketball program, struggles and the future. The interview is viewable below.

These answers are hardly surprising and are perhaps understandable, but they really don't tell us anything we don't already know, in my opinion.

Read more of my feelings after the jump...

First off, I'm glad Coach Bzdelik is getting out there in the community and advocating for Coaches Vs. Cancer. Regardless of other feelings, any time a coach gets out there in the community and supports a great cause like that, well, it's a good thing.

With regards to the hoops half I'll say this for Coach; he's confident and sticks to his guns as far as his system and as far as being the right man for the job, and I respect that part. If anything here gives me pause, he seems to sort of deflect the negative things that have happened recently.

I absolutely understand why Coach wouldn't want to dwell on it or get bogged down in details, but I would've maybe appreciated more of an acknowledgement of the guys we've lost, wishing them well in their futures, that sort of thing.

Really though, this cements the fact that if Coach Bzdelik is uncertain about himself at all, he's certainly not showing it. That in and of itself is probably a positive, but only this season will tell whether that confidence in himself, his system and the guys we're getting translates to success on the court. I certainly hope for all parties involved that it does.

Thoughts on the interview? Leave them below (though try to keep arguing to a minimum, thanks)!