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2012 NFL Draft Roundup: Wake Forest LB Kyle Wilber Taken By Dallas Cowboys

The second of three Deacs to end up getting drafted on Saturday was OLB Kyle Wilber, who was taken by the Dallas Cowboys with the 18th pick of Round 4, 114th overall. Wilber doesn't necessarily have as much of an "easy" in as Givens, but he certainly has a shot at making moves at the next level, and it's always exciting when one of our own gets drafted. And it's always good when a guy is quoted as saying he wants to "destroy the quarterback." ead more on Wilber after the jump...

Scouting Report (per 2012 NFL Draft Tracker on

Grade: 60.5


Wilber is a big, athletic and strong outside linebacker from Wake Forest who looks the part of a pro defender. He arrived at Wake Forest as a top recruit from Florida, bringing his impressive size and speed to the defense. He is a bit of a poor man's Aaron Curry, whom he played with early in his career. He is a high-energy, high-motor player who hasn't played much on special teams at Wake Forest because of the team's needs, but he could easily contribute there at the next level. Look for a team needing linebacker depth and special teams contributions to select him in the late rounds and potentially develop him into a starter.


Wilber is fast and can move quickly once he deciphers a play. He is very quick-twitched and efficient in his movements. He uses his footwork and agility to stay off blocks on the second level. He doesn't have a ton of strength, but he hits his gaps hard and can pack a punch at the line of scrimmage when he meets running backs. He is better against the run than he is against the pass, but he can play over the tight end well enough to disrupt him early. He has good technique both in his footwork and tackling form.


Wilber is atheltic, but he struggles in space against the run. He has a bit of an awkward pass drop, and his flexibility is an issue in those exposures. Wilber also is a much better player against outside runs than inside, and he has a tough time using his hands to disengage from blockers.

Wilber is definitely going to have more of a journey before he's well-known, but special teams is an absolutely invaluable and often underrated aspect of the game. Wilber starting as a special teams guy may be a slightly thankless, not very glamorous job, but it's an important one, and I have a lot of faith that Kyle will give his all to every opportunity he's given.

I pretty much despise the Cowboys, so this leaves me with mixed emotions. Make some moves, Kyle. We here at BSD wish you all the best.