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GameThread: Wake Forest vs. Maryland -- ACC Tournament Round One

If you just change it from "St. Elmo's" to "Bzdelik's," the song is really fun. it'll be stuck in your head the whole game.

Wake Forest has never won an ACC Tournament game in Atlanta in five previous tries (1983, 1985, 1989, 2001, 2009), but maybe they can make it one in six against Maryland. Lucky for the Deacs that they came out in the nine seed with the tiebreakers, despite finishing tied for last in the ACC.

Wake has a much better shot against the Terrapins than they would have against Miami or State, and lost the two previous meetings to Clemson as well.

The Demon Deacons only fell by six to Maryland earlier this season. So, here's hoping for a minor miracle. Let's get it.