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ACC Tournament First Round Matchups As Bojangles Menu Items

The Blogger So Dear YouTube channel is live, fresh off the heels of the SB Nation YouTube debut (subscribe here). While I don't have the chops (at least not yet, anyway) of a Dan Rubenstein, Matt Ufford, Spencer Hall or Amy K. Nelson, I'm going to do my best to give everyone an alternative viewpoint and some new content to keep the site "buzzworthy" and "relevant."

In the debut video, I compare each of the teams involved in Thursday's ACC Tournament action to some Fixins' at Bojangles. (Well, everyone but Virginia Tech, which got a beverage). Would love to hear constructive feedback, some ACC Tournament predictions, as well as hear what delicious sides you'd give to each of the teams.

This is obviously an evolutionary process, so the channel is going to change a lot in the next few weeks as I try to settle in. I'm sure there will be plenty more food metaphors on the way, though.

We're here in living color. Uh oh.