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Carolina Challenge: Interview with 2013 SF Greg McClinton

Blogger So Dear Interview with 2013 SF Greg McClinton (via deacsfan27)

One of the players that we were most interested in catching up with this past weekend at Dave Telep's Carolina Challenge was 2013 wing forward Greg McClinton. We did an interview with him about a year ago where he expressed his great interest in Wake Forest.

"UConn, Miami, Wake Forest, Louisville, Xavier and Virginia Tech are all showing me a lot of interest," McClinton said. "Wake, Xavier, Virginia Tech, and Miami have all offered me. Right now Wake Forest is at the top of my list."

Fortunately for the Deacs he has his top three of "Louisville, Xavier and Wake Forest". Although they are not the only schools vying for his talents, it sounded like those three were the ones that have been after him the longest and he likes the most. From the previous article he indicated that he wanted to make his decision by the start of his senior year and that is coming up after the AAU season. Hopefully he will make it the school he "grew up rooting for and become a Wake Forest Demon Deacon

Note: It is a bit difficult to hear at times because of the background noise so if a transcript is needed I can get that do that for the readers!

Click through for an analysis of McClinton's game and our thoughts on him at BSD.

From Pegrcc9's Carolina Challenge Breakdown:

Greg McClinton - 2013 SF: McClinton has the potential to be a great player but needs to learn that he cannot take plays off and disappear for stretches of the game. He is a slasher who uses his big time athleticism to finish around the rim. His jump shot needs a lot of work, as it has a side rotation to it off of the release. Wake, Louisville and Xavier are on his list.

I agree that he has a great potential at the moment. It is hard to tell the consistency of work ethic in an event like the CC, but I thought Greg worked hard most of the day, but may have taken some plays off on the defensive side of things.

His athleticism is certainly his primary strength, but as he said in the interview, his shooting could use some work. He showed off his jumping skills with a sick reverse alley-oop in the second game of the day. We did see him knock down a couple of jumpers in the final game and he has a pretty good form on his jumper.

He has the frame and the length to be successful at the high-major level and that is why he boasts an impressive resume of offers.

In terms of where he ends up Wake Forest is very lucky because he is from Winston-Salem (attending W-S Prep), and grew up a Wake Forest fan. He seems very grounded and from the interview we did last year he relies heavily on his mother (his idol) throughout life. His character and game would be a fantastic fit at Wake Forest.

If I had to guess where he winds up I would have to go with Louisville though. He is really good friends with 2013 L'Ville commit Anton Gill and he played with him in the Challenge. The Deacs also have ties with him though, as incoming freshman Aaron Rountree is good friends with him as well. Hopefully Aaron can pull some strings and convince McClinton to stay in his hometown to play for the Demon Deacons!

Check back tomorrow for another interview from the Carolina Challenge. We have yet to post interview with Tony Nunn, B.J Gladden and Chuck Ogbodo, each of whom had some very interesting things to say about Wake Forest and the recruiting process!