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2012 NCAA Tournament: Who Has A Shot At Being This Year's Cinderella? (VIDEO)

With the first big day of NCAA Tournament action (sorry, First Four, although you've been a welcome addition to my life) coming up on Thursday, it's do-or-die time when it comes to finishing up the brackets.

You've second, third and tenth-guessed yourself, you've had Harvard in the Elite Eight and crossed them out to put Vanderbilt as your Champion before going back to Kentucky again.

You've thought about putting a No. 16 over a No. 1 in the first round, and you've probably made a bracket or two with all four No. 1 seeds moving on.

That said, it's time to finalize your picks, and there will be a Cinderella or two that will capture our hearts this weekend. It's hard to predict, otherwise, it wouldn't have the impact that it usually does, but I took the liberty of identifying four good prospects (Long Beach St., Ohio University, N.C. State and Belmont) based on computer numbers and matchups.

Feel free to agree/disagree and comment ... it's March, so nothing is too crazy.