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ACC Announces New Scheduling for 14 Team Conference



A little late on this news, but the ACC announced their expansion scheduling plans, and obviously this affects Wake Forest.

To make things easy, Syracuse joins the Atlantic Division (Wake's division for you n00bs out there), and Pittsburgh will join the Coastal Division.

In basketball Wake will pick up State as their "partner", and every other team we will play 4 times in 3 years. That means 6 games against the Wolfpack in 3 years (or twice every year). The schedule in basketball will be expanded to 18 games.

In football, we keep our rival in Duke, and the beatings will continue until morale improves in Durham. The conference schedule will be expanded to 9 games.

I for one welcome our new overlords in the ACC because it means more game in-conference, and gives us the weakest of the NC teams in basketball and football as our "partners" (other than Wake in b-ball...LOL).