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Behind Enemy Lines: Boston College F Ryan Anderson

Coming in under the wire, it's a "Wait, those aren't a Wake guy's stats?" edition of BHL, Boston College's Ryan Anderson. He's their leading scorer and rebounder, and much like the rest of his teammates, has certainly been playing better as the season goes on. The other interesting thing about this piece is, I can talk about how he did against the Deacs in the first encounter.

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HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6'8", 217

Tall, but thin.

PPG: 10.8


Scoring threat, dependable, but he's not the type to necessarily go off and kill you.

RPG: 7.0


Nice presence on the glass; about the level of Travis McKie in that regard. He also had two offensive rebounds against Wake. Percentage-wise, via KenPom, he's at 22.6 percent defensively, which is good for 85th in the country, but offensively, he's at a mediocre 6.7 percent.

eFG%: 45.5%

AGAINST WAKE: 4-11 shooting, 0-2 from 3

Actually, this is ... refreshing. This is the first BHL piece I've done wherein the target shoots under 50% in eFG%. And even more pleasantly, he shot under his average against Wake the first time! What sorcery is this?

FREE THROWS: 75.9% on 2.4-3.2 attempts per game


He doesn't get to the line much, but is decent when he does.

OUTSIDE SHOOTING: 26.9 percent on approximately one to three attempts per game

AGAINST WAKE: As stated, 0-2.

Neither a frequent outside shooter nor a particularly good one, that's one dimension of Anderson's game we don't need to particularly concern ourselves with.


Also not a strong passer, blocker, or stealer. Anderson averages 1.5 turnovers a game as well. He takes over a quarter of BC's shots which, given his percentages, frankly explains a lot about BC's offense this year.

KenPom has us winning tomorrow by 6 with 70 percent certainty, which is the best chance we've had since early in the year. I'm gonna say we win it, and by more than that prediction. I realize BC's been playing better, but we absolutely bulldozed them in their house earlier in the year, actually by our largest margin of victory all season. I just don't see BC winning tomorrow.

Forget coaches, forget administration, Let's Go Deacs.

O Here's To Wake Forest ...