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Game Recap in Brief: Miami Hurricanes Blow Past Deacs, 74-56

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So this game was as much a tale of two halves as I think I've ever seen. The first half was genuinely good basketball, with the Deacs playing tough, smart. and together to go into the break all knotted up at 34. Miami made plenty of adjustments at the half, and Wake did not, at which point they proceeded to blow us off the floor, no pun intended.

Props need to go to the usual suspects, C.J. Harris and Travis McKie, and also to Chase Fischer, who had his most efficient shooting game by far, and had an awesome 3 assists with no turnovers. Yes, Chase is a shooter, but he continues to show that he's an intelligent, versatile, hard-working player who can impact the game in a number of ways.

Honestly, this was a strange failure in the sense that it really didn't seem like we were playing that badly, and then you turn around and all of a sudden Miami is up 15. I suppose I'll say that the team, most games, is deceptively bad. Actually, that might not be fair. Instead, I'll choose to say they're deceptively outclassed. Sometimes it's in the talent department, sometimes, like Wofford or ASU for example, the fault is almost exclusively on the coaching. Sometimes, like in this game, it's a mixture of both.

That said, while there are talent mismatches between the two teams, it is frankly inexcusable how little our coaching staff is able to adjust. Time and time and time again, we'll come out with what seems like a pretty decent gameplan that works in the early stages, at which point the other team adjusts for that gameplan, putting up a brick wall in the way of success.

Instead of adjusting and trying to walk around, it seems as if we vainly push at the brick wall, expecting it to fall down.

That's why this recap is brief; nothing ever changes. It's talking about many of the same things over and over again.

More of the same, and more evidence that it's a pretty good idea to seriously consider changing things. Still, I'm proud of our guys for that first half. So I will say: Go Deacs.