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Talking Georgia Tech-Wake Forest Basketball With From The Rumble Seat

I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.

Let's get some #Quest4The12 all up in this site. Bird of From The Rumble Seat fame and I did our best to play hype man for the game tomorrow. You can find my answers to his questions on their site (again, if you haven't been there, whatchuwaitingwhatchuwaitingwhatchuwaitingfor?), but without further ado, here we go!

We talk Brian Gregory, GT's lack of playmakers, predictions and more after the jump...

1.) Let's take a second to reflect on the career of the departed Paul Hewitt. Okay, now that he's gone, what say ye about the job Brian Gregory has done in year one at the helm of Georgia Tech?

I think Gregory has done a fair job. He had a pretty stripped down cupboard when Iman Shumpert left for the NBA and Brian Oliver cheated on us with Seton Hall. This would've easily been a .500 or better ACC squad with those two guys alone. The promise Tech have really stems from the competitive nature of this squad. We've only really been blown out three times (Bama, UNC, and UVA).

Most of the games, Tech held with their opponents in losses until about 5-6 minutes left in the 2nd half. Gregory won Tech's first road victory in Athens in 13 tries and the victory at NC State was superb. I think Tech fans will be patient and see if Gregory is the longterm solution or interim guy especially considering he's hauling in some big recruits and has a brand new stadium waiting to open next season.

2.) All things considered, while I'm sure you're encouraged with decent play on the defensive end, I have to believe a lack of playmakers has doomed you guys this year. Is that the case? When I think Georgia Tech, I think of powerful forwards and scoring guards. You have Glen Rice dropping Js all over the place, but Mfon Udofia and Daniel Miller haven't exactly played up to their potential, and outside of that, it's slim pickings.

I would say a lack of playmakers has been an issue but even then if our current crop of guys could execute on a consistent basis, we'd be in better shape down the stretch against several middle tier ACC teams. Our guards are turnover machines and no we don't have a Derrick Favors or Gani Lawal down low demanding a double team. If Tech could play some solid halves of positive A:T basketball, we'd run away against many of the teams we get beat by. NC State and UGA are good examples of what this team is capable of.

It really just comes down to loss of mental focus and poor execution. Poor shooting and shot selection doesn't help either. NC State part II was a 1 for 17 effort from beyond the arc. No playmaker is gonna succeed when he nor any of his teammates are making shots. Tech's the third youngest squad in terms of average ACC minutes played according to my calculations so hopefully this youth and inexperience will be honed in to a potent weapon in a year or two.

3.) One of your guys is guaranteed to go off and have a career night against Wake Forest. It's canon law. So, who's it going to be? I feel like G Brandon Reed or former Wake recruit Julian Royal are good suspects.

Let's say Kammeon Holsey. He has played fairly solid basketball this season. I think he's due for a good game. He's not much of an offensive threat as he is a dunker but perhaps he'll give us a good double double on Thursday.

4.) So, our teams aren't very good. Why should we watch this game?

Tech fans want to watch this game because they want to evaluate Brian Gregory. They want to know if he is worth keeping around for the long haul. In my opinion, he is coaching his last Division I BCS job. He hit a ceiling at Dayton and we want to know what his ceiling is at Tech with better talent, facilities, and tournament opportunities. Otherwise, I want to watch it because I like watching Tech basketball no matter how bad or good we are. Don't ask Winfield if he is watching.

5.) Prediction time. We all know the Deacs plays awful in Atlanta. Do you think the Yellow Jackets come out on top? Or will Georgia Tech be the team that loses to the slumping Demon Deacons? What's your final score?

I think Tech will give the Deacs another ACC victory. Wake Forest 68-Tech 54. Tech's offense is attrocious. Give us a couple Justin Grays (at WING not PG) and we'll be happy.