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Game Recap in Haiku: Tigers Trounce Deacs, 78-58

We're good at free throws
Nothing else is watchable
Fire Bzdelik

I defended Jeff Bzdelik, even passionately, for a long time. This is absolutely inexcusable. We've gone from a storied program to a national joke in less than two years. I don't think it's worth firing Ron Wellman if he doesn't buy Bzdelik out, but that's the extent of my mercy. Wellman has earned my good graces enough to allow this contract to expire, but if he extends Coach Bzdelik's contract, it's time to blow up the athletic department. Mind you, I'm not saying I don't want Wellman to execute a buyout, but I also could see it as him taking his time in a coaching search so as to avoid another panicked hire.

My sympathies go out to the players, the fans, even the assistant coaches. My sympathies for Jeff Bzdelik extend insofar as I never wish failure on anyone, and Bzdelik seems like a good man who wants to help, but he is failing in every regard, and frequently throwing his young players under the bus in the process. And that's not okay. That's not okay at all.

In protest, I will not have any sort of sign off.