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Coach Grobe Press Conference on National Signing Day (Recap complete with quotes)

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If you haven't been keeping up with the day so far, I urge you to look around the website and check out the Wake Forest Primer, as well as the Wake Forest Recap that have been typed up so far. Both provide invaluable information about the group of young men that the staff have assembled for this upcoming year.

Without further ado, here is what Coach Grobe (and his staff) had to say about National Signing Day and this year's class.

Opening Statements (Coach Grobe)

"A group of kids that we are going to enjoy coaching. Everybody who was verbally committed to us stayed to us. I think we targeted the right guys and overall it's a very balanced class. At the end there were a couple of guys that if we could have added then we would have."-

We were looking to add one more wide receiver, and possibly at linebacker have taken another on. Overall, I think if you look at the board for next year, I think we have taken players that represent every position group. We might have taken a player here and there, but overall we covered out needs. We may need to ask a couple of these guys to come in and play right away. It's a group of guys that I think we will have fun coaching. Not only will they play hard for us, but they want a quality degree as well."

Questions answered by both Jim Grobe and Ray McCartney

On Will Smith/Joel Suggs/Ty Hayworth

  • Great looking kids, will develop well. Great frames to work with.
  • Wanted 15 to work with, and these 3 guys will help (us) come back in the fall and have a good looking group.
On the type of OL staff was looking for.
  • We were looking for guys with better foot quickness than size. Now we are looking for that middle of the road type of guy.
  • Want a guy that can pull and hit you in open field, as well as in the pocket.
On the RB situation right now
  • We waited too long to settle on who we wanted to go after for depth.
  • Loves Josh Wilhite. Ran for 1500 yards on a bad knee, and that's pretty good.
  • Wilhite called the staff and asked them whether or not he should hang it up for the year or shut it down. They told him the scholarship would be honored so go out there and play.
  • Love Orville and Deandre, and hopefully it was just an off year for Josh Harris.
  • Always want to take a RB and a QB in each class. This year we wanted to get two but were a little too late getting in on the deal.
On the process of recruiting Tylor Harris
  • Saw an opportunity after the injury to get in there and they really went hard after him. Entire staff was "shocked" when they learned that he was still out there after watching YouTube videos of him while traveling.
  • Stanford was in good shape but they stopped recruiting after the ACL injury
  • Excellent student overall, and everybody loved him in his high school.
  • Perfect DE for the 3-4. Quick off the line, and won the Louisiana shotput title.
  • It got ugly with some teams there at the end but we got him to come here when it was all said and done.
  • We will be safe with him and he is a "shelf" kid (nearly a definite redshirt).
On Shelldon Lewinson
  • Going to take a good hard look at him to see if he can play this year.
  • Need somebody in there to help Nikita, and finding reps behind Nikita is hard.
On Tyler Cameron
  • Could get a quick look at not redshirting because of the talent that he has.
  • Being here for an extra spring will really help him, whether or not he plays early on (already enrolled at Wake).
On Steve Donatell
  • Told him straight up that there was not a lot of playing time available at QB.
  • Best shot to get on the field was at LB, but he could wind up back at QB. With Price, Sousa, and Cameron that is very unlikely. Not to mention Cross and Thompson.
  • We didn't want him to be the 7th guy at QB when he could play another position on the field.
  • Thought we might lose him because he wanted to play QB. He chose the program though. and chose the challenge of playing wherever I told him to (Grobe).
  • Coaches kids "get it", and they learn a lot of values that you have to teach to some other kids that are coming in. Steve has all of those things in my opinion.
Notable Quotes
  • "Kevis Jones could be a sleeper of this draft class. He plays every single position on the field."
  • "Looking at Steve Donatell at the linebacker position (QB out of high school)"
  • "Teddy Matthews is a kid that will get bigger, faster, stronger."
  • "RB's, LB's, and TE's have the best shots of playing right away this year. Especially looking to move the TE around more in the H-Back position. I think we need help at WR right now too, and Jared Crump/Jonathan Williams will get a shot to play too. More players this year to be judged as to whether or not they can play right away than ever before at Wake Forest."
  • "I love the secondary guys that we are bringing in. The two safeties are really exciting to see too (Gibson and Vanjion)."
  • "I hate to say it, but we have 8-10 kids that are going to get a hard look at playing time right away when we get into things in August."
  • "I dropped the ball on Orville Reynolds last year and waited too long to make the call of whether or not to pull the redshirt"
  • "When I was at the bowl game, Nikita came up to say hi to my wife and myself and I was next to the Mississippi State O-Line coach and their line. I heard them whispering and saying "That's the guy we have to watch out for?" "But he is as big as a house."- McCartney
  • "We are recruiting to our scheme more than anything."
  • "Offensive coordinator at Notre Dame wanted to know how Coach Grobe continued to get guys that can run as well as they do."
  • "Overall, this football team is a very talented team that has good athletic ability. Part of our plan is for them all to become bigger, faster, and stronger. With our strength program we will not only get them bigger, but in fact, faster and stronger."