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Game Recap In Haiku: Heels Dominate Deacs, 68-53

Couldn't hit a shot
I hate Bzdelik's offense
Save us Super Six

Another ACC game, another blowout. Admittedly, other than the BC game, our schedule has been pretty tough, but this is just painful. Look, I understand the firing of Coach Gaudio, especially since there seemed to be so many off-the-court issues, but it's getting borderline impossible for me to call this coaching hire anything other than frustrating at ABSOLUTE best and an unmitigated disaster at worst.

I understand that a motion offense is complicated, and as a result, takes a while for guys to learn, but there comes a point when things are failing so habitually that it's probably a good idea for a coach to re-evaluate himself before someone else does it for him. I don't wish failure or have any ill will towards Jeff Bzdelik. But even I, one of his staunchest defenders on this site, begin to tire of the state of the basketball program.

My heart goes out to the players. C.J. Harris managed to have another deceptively good game. Travis McKie, despite offensive woes, played his heart out and crashed the boards like crazy. Chase Fischer, Carson Desrosiers and Ty Walker all made some good plays and honestly played their hearts out. But news flash: if you struggle to score 60 points week in and week out with a 1-2 punch like Harris and McKie, it might be time to start rethinking some things about your offensive scheme. At least rework things. Try things. I'm begging you here.

Go Deacs. We'll get through.