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Deacon Dump: Interviews with Jim Grobe and Ron Wellman

We are currently in the midst of a lull of Wake Forest sports action due to finals. The basketball team returns to action after a 10 day layoff tomorrow against Furman in the Joel. In the days off, there has been plenty of speculation involving the state of the basketball program. Kudos to Dan Collins for his inquisitive interviews with Coach Grobe and Ron Wellman.

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MTOW's Sit-Down With Grobe: Rekindling Magic - Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake
The case can be made that Jim Grobe, though easily the most successful Wake football coach of the ACC era, is a victim of that success. The last four seasons have been hard seasons made even by memories of what the Deacons accomplished by winning the 2006, and to a lesser extent by competing for an Atlantic Division title in 2007 and 2008.

MTOW's Sit-Down With Grobe: Staff I - Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake
After a period of uncommon stability, the Wake staff has undergone a number of personnel changes these past two or three years. Three new coaches were added before the 2011 season, Jonathan Himebauch to coach the offensive line, Tim Duffie to coach the secondary and Derrick Jackson to coach the outside linebackers.

MTOW's Sit-Down With Grobe: Staff II - Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake
Steed Lobotzke, as offensive coordinator at Wake, has been a lightning rod for all that has gone wrong with the Deacons' program these past four years. I know it, you know it and Jim Grobe knows it.

MTOW's Sit-Down with Grobe: Heat - Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake
What, I asked Jim Grobe, was he hearing from the paying customers after four straight losing seasons.

MTOW's Sit-Down With Grobe: 2013 - Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake
Next season's senior class will include Tanner Price, Michael Campanaro, Josh Harris, Frank Souza, Steven Chase, Nikita Whitlock, Zach Thompson, Mike Olson, Justin Jackson, Kris Redding, and A.J. Marshall.

Wellman's Take on Wake Football - Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake
The exam break left me with nothing really to cover, and you know what they say about idle hands being the devil's workshop and all that. So I made my way over to campus a couple of times this past week to talk with Jim Grobe and Ron Wellman and ask them both the same basic question.

Wellman Interview Unabridged - Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake
Today's Winston-Salem Journal ran most of an interview I had last Wednesday with Athletics Director Ron Wellman concerning the state of the Deacons' basketball program. The parts omitted were the casualties of space restraints.

Wake AD tries to smooth things over - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Last week, Wake Forest radio announced it would discontinue the live call-in portion of its weekly coach's show with head coach Jeff Bzdelik. Athletic director Ron Wellman said the decision was made becuase fans had a tendency to "preach," and "this is our show."

Deacs in the Dominican - Day 1 - The Official Site of Wake Forest Demon Deacon Athletics
Wake Forest arrived in the Dominican Republic and practiced a local field in Boca Chica, just blocks away from the team hotel.