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Recap in haiku: Nebraska dominates Wake, 79-63

A brief recap of Nebraska's utter dismantling of Wake Forest in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Never play early

Where'd you go, C.J. Harris?

Tree and Jones go hard

It was a game that seemed to be a battle for much of the early going, but then out of nowhere, in the second half, Nebraska exploded out to a 20 point lead and never looked back. C.J. Harris only had two points the entire game, funnily enough on the first shot of the game. Travis McKie only had eight in his own right. Three of our freshmen did well this game though: Madison Jones, Aaron Rountree, and Codi Miller-McIntyre. To be fair, all of our freshmen did at least okay, but those three in particular did a really good job.

We just didn't work on defense, and missed a ridiculous number of bunny shots. Our free throw percentages were better than they have been, but that's not saying too much. I can hardly even figure out who to fault for this one; it just seems like an anomaly in a lot of ways (C.J. Harris only scoring two points...what on earth?), but it's a disturbing trend. I really do like the cut of our freshmen, though.