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The View From Section 2 - A Photo Essay (Not Really)

John Mundy and his Wingmen got bored during the Beatdown at the Bank. Here's what happened. All images credited to James J. Warrer, except for the crappy cell phone picture of the three of us. I took that. Use that all you want.

James J. Warrer

God bless BSD's Robert Reinhard. Without him, I would have to sort through four hours of audio recordings, detailing in excruciating detail the 55-21 blowout that occurred on Saturday night. Thankfully, those details can be found here in his retro-diary.

As for Heath, Jimmy and myself?

We got bored. When we get bored, we get antsy. Since we don't leave sporting events early, that sometimes puts us in a bit of a pickle. So, we (and by "we" I mean, "Jimmy") decided to take some photos.

A lot of photos. Like this one:


This is my fat ass in Section 2 looking like a Jawa reject. Moving on:

Here's your obligatory stats and scores section of the column, so I can say I was consistent:



Those of us on the West Side recognize those striped pants as belonging to Overalls Guy. He sits on the front row of Section 2 and is Wake Forest football's number one fan. I've heard he even goes to practices. He wears his Wake Forest-themed overalls and a shirt missing a sleeve to every game. The shirt is missing a sleeve to show off the Deacon tattoo on his bicep. True story. He also wears a vintage Wake Forest painters cap that was all the rage in the 80's. It's awesome.

At any rate, this is a picture of him leaving the stadium. There were 14 minutes remaining in the THIRD quarter when this image was captured. If Overalls Guy is leaving the stadium, that's everyone else's cue that the game is over. In the last 12 years of Deacon home games, he's only screwed up and missed a win once. Once.

The moral of this story is, "If Overalls Guy is leaving, this happens:"


Moving on:

Our lone bright spot of the evening was Chibuikem Okoro. whose name we kept hearing throughout the first half before the deluge finally stopped. Okay, so we heard it all game considering Vandy was just...

Anyway, Okoro tallied a season-best and possibly career-best 9 solo tackles, an interception and a fumble recovery for the last Deacon touchdown. Afterward, he deflected praise from Dave Goren and was clearly saddened by the sudden end to his career. Cheers, Mr. Okoro.



In case you were wondering what Section 3 looked like:


Ladies and gentlemen, a formation that was actually effective in the early going. I give to you, the Deandrecat:


Michael Campanaro complained about a lack of unity on the Deacon sideline. Here's a good picture. You can judge for yourself. The other pictures just showed a separation because the defense was in a huddle getting yelled at.


Our "Open the Gate" guest of honor was legendary Deacon linebacker Ed Stetz. Ed played 2 series in the fourth quarter, recorded 3 tackles and was flagged once for unnecessary roughness.


Still looks bleak from Section 7:


I met some good folks who had driven up from Nashville to cheer on their 'Dores. They genuinely felt bad for us. Let that soak in for a moment.

They were also still reveling in their dismantling of Tennessee. I can't help but feel good for them. They are experiencing what Wake Forest experienced during the Skinner years, and you can't begrudge them that.


After talking to my new friends from Nashville, I turned around and saw one of the most famous Tennesseans from history:


And now, time for the Smithfield Sizzle!


Ohhhh, wait. That is a light blue flag behind me...



Let's move on...

Some of you may think I must've looked ridiculous, embarrassing myself in front of all those people. I wasn't.

Trust me.


Here's the crowd around Heath:


The Twitterverse has been alive, looking for a coach at BB&T Field with some fire and passion.

Found one:


And here's how the night ended, a very deserving celebration for our visitors:


Folks, this season has been a tough one to swallow for fans, coaches and players alike. The momentum and goodwill created by the successful football teams a few years ago is officially gone. My only hope as a lifelong fan is that coach Grobe and company makes the necessary changes to right the ship. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this photo taken at halftime. If you look close enough, it looks like the Deacon is leaving, too.

I hope it's not an omen.


And so my Wingmen and I (Jimmy, Me, Heath)...


...leave you with one final View OF Section 2: