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Complete This Sentence:

A thread for commenters. Let us know something that's more fun than watching all 4 quarters of tonight's Beatdown at the Bank.


I noticed a Tweet from WakeJake that said he eschewed the second half of tonight's 55-21 debacle in favor of some Japanese at Winston-Salem's finest Asian restaurant. I, myself, stayed for the whole game but spent the second half...well, you'll see that in the View From Section 2.

Tonight, we are angry. So let's turn that anger into something useful! Using the "comments" section below, complete the following sentence:

I would rather have _________ than watch all 4 quarters of the Vandy game.

For instance, I'll say "washed Roseanne Barr's lingerie".

Your turn. The best will get highlighted on Twitter, so leave your Twitter handle if you have one.