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Q&A with BC Interruption

A big thanks to Brian Favat of BC Interruption for this exchange of Q and A's that help prepare our fan bases for the Wake Forest-Boston College game tomorrow!


1. BC has had a rough go of it at times this year but finally got back in the W column on Saturday against Maryland. What was the difference in this game and the previous 5 losses? What can BC use from that game to get some more wins going forward?

BC was able to actually play something called defense, which they had not been able to do this entire season. Also putting together a killer drive with Chase Rettig playing perfectly didn't hurt either. What can they use? Maybe to stop tinkering with the defensive line and use the guys they did last week. Other than that not much.

2. Andre Williams has had a couple of a solid games for the Eagles, but overall the rushing game has been pretty bad, ranking 121st in the country. Why has the rushing game been so bad? Play calls? Offensive line? Bad running? Or just yes?

Jim Bollman is the reason this running game is a mess. BC has for years been a run heavy team, but this year has been completely different. They fumbled the ball, run blocking has been horrendous, and they have stuck to the passing game. Ask yourself this, where the hell is Rolandan Finch, last year's leading rusher?

3. On the other hand, Chase Rettig has been a pleasant surprise, throwing for over 2,000 yards already and connecting for 15 TD's to 5 INTs on the year. Rettig has taken the step this year for Boston College that most Wake Forest fans were hoping Tanner Price would have taken going into his junior year. Has he been helped a lot by his receiving or is he responsible for most of that success?

If you ask most BC fans about Rettig this exactly the expectations we had from Chase. There are probably three reasons why he has taken this jump. Offensive Coordinator Doug Martin has instituted a fast paced pass heavy system that has helped him tremendously. Also Alex Amidon is the real deal, and is probably the best wide receiver since Richie Gunnell. He has been the go to guy for Chase, and if the whole team didn't drop so many passes Rettig's season would be even more special. Finally Rettig himself has matured. He doesn't make bad passes, he makes better reads, and doesn't have happy feet.

4. Overall the Eagles have been pretty bad on defense, limiting only one FBS team to under 20 points (Maryland last week). What's been the biggest problem there, and what can the Deacs do to exploit that defense?

The front seven of Boston College has been horrendous. They are near the bottom in the country in sacks, they apply little to no pressure, they get gobbled up by option plays, and can't tackle. Also BC's secondary plays the cushion, giving opposing wide receivers 8 yards of cushion. This has worked in the past when BC had players like Luke Kuechly, Mark Herzlich and Mathias Kiwanuka, but with little pressure up front receivers like Michael Campanaro have had a lot of success. D

5. You asked about Coach Grobie so I'm going to ask about the Spaz. Pretty much knowing the answer, what's the fans take on Coach Spaziani? Give me a % that want him fired, what the breaking point was, and who Heights fans want to be the head coach next season.

Oh you asked, you shall receive. How many people want Spaz fired in BC Nation? 99.99% (excluding a few old timey media trolls). The breaking point was season after season of declining results, players being thrown off or quitting the team (see Colin Larmond Jr, Dillon Quinn and Montel Harris), terrible recruiting, and a loser mentality. I want him gone more than I want to make out with Kate Upton, which is a lot.

In terms of replacements, let me give you the list: Notre Dame DC Bob Diaco, Mario Cristobal of FIU, Butch Jones of Cincinnati, Pat Narduzzi DC of Michigan State, Greg Roman OC of the San Fransisco just to name a few.


I have no faith. Frank Spaziani has me a beaten man. BC has played Wake Forest poorly in Winston-Salem, so I don't expect anything less. The Eagles' defense will play poorly again and make Tanner Price play like Andrew Luck. Demon Deacons win 21-17.