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Game Recap in haiku: Irish shame Deacs, 38-0

Jonathan Daniel

No history made

National title hopes alive

I hate the Irish

Nothing was good about this game except maybe Michael Campanaro had a bunch of catches. We had two good defensive plays, then rushed three with pathetically soft coverage on third and long (a recurring theme) and two plays later, Notre Dame had gone 93 yards for a touchdown. A few plays later, Josh Harris simultaneously lost a fumble and got concussed at about midfield, and soon there was another Notre Dame touchdown. The way we're playing, we don't deserve a bowl bid, even if we beat Vanderbilt (which. honestly, we won't).

I hate our defensive playcalling more than I thought it was ever possible to hate anything ever. Notre Dame is good, but if you ask me, they're not national championship good. We're just struggling that much right now. Of course, I'm not a BCS voter, nor am I a computer (though Wake sports are rapidly making me wish I was), so only time will tell.

Bring on Vanderbilt, I guess.