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First Impressions - Your Lady Deac Hoopers

John Mundy takes a cursory look at the Wake Forest Lady Deacons after their season-opening victory over Coppin State. Mostly, however, it's an excuse to post a video he took.


  1. Chelsea Douglas is listed at 5'5, appears to be smaller than that, and is NOT someone to be trifled with. I really thought she was going to cut the young lady from Coppin State guarding her. I ain't messing with her. She wants the BALL.
  2. The CSU Eagles really gave Wake Forest a shot in the mouth. It was enough to make the toughest of teams think about panicking. The Wake bench? Nothing. Nada. Nope. They didn't blink in the face of adversity. Coach Hoover, if she yells, does so in private. After watching two games, I notice she does a great deal of teaching. Give me a few games to see if that changes.
  3. This team is not afraid to get physical. When they started punching back against a good Coppin State team, they started running in a different gear. They like it, or at least appear to.
  4. I'll just echo what coach Hoover said after the game. They are very good in transition. However, it starts with their rebounding. Wake Forest played a sluggish, sometimes passive 30 minutes against CSU but when they asserted themselves on the boards it sparked an increase in all-around intensity. More rebounds, more steals, more layups.
  5. It may be personal preference, but I will cheer for any women's team using the backing track from "99 Problems" as their pregame introduction music.

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