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Game recap in haiku: Pack destroys Deacs, 37-6


All the dropped passes

Five and seven here we come

Dead men in South Bend

If possible, that score belies just how bad this beating was. I knew it was going to be a long day when Wake got stopped, then stopped State, then Tanner Price had a pass stone-handed by a receiver which was then dropped right into the hands of an NC State defender, then two plays later it was a State touchdown. I don't think there was anything positive today, sadly. Tanner got destroyed, less than a yard per rush, even on turnovers, State won the time of possession battle by almost 13 minutes, we had 45 yards of penalties.

Just an awful game. I still think we can beat Vandy. Not much else to be said. I'm not really mad at the team or even the coaches though*. Maybe I'm just numb. Either way I'm still okay, and I still think we can get to a bowl, despite that line in the haiku. Here's hoping I'm right.

*Editor's note: I am mad at both.