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Game recap in haiku: Clemson crushes Wake, 42-13

Streeter Lecka

Total destruction

Shamed on national T.V.

Hottest of garbage

Well folks, it was bowling shoe ugly. Michael Campanaro made a triumphant return, and Tommy Bohanon continues to be a pretty cool guy. Not much else to be said. After a couple of really good defensive stops, including one that ended with Wake getting amazing field position, our coaches got cold feet on a fourth and one on Clemson's 39, punted, and that was pretty much it. It was a little infuriating, to be honest; I have a lot of respect for our coaches but this conservative stuff has got to end. If you're an underdog to the level we were tonight, the only hope is for the underdog to come out and punch them in the mouth. It looked like we might do just that, but then as we had Clemson on the ropes, we let up, eliminating any chance we had to win. Begrudging but genuine congratulations to Tajh Boyd, who threw for a Clemson school record 433 yards.

I still think we can get to a bowl, but it's going to take this team playing up to their potential instead of sleep walking, which may be tempting considering our upcoming opponent. Take care of business, fellas. Heal up, get ready, and for the love of Riley Skinner, fight. Go Deacs.