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Introducing- John Mundy

An introduction to Blogger So Dear's newest contributor, John Mundy. John will cover the Lady Deacs as they look to build on last season's success with new coach Jen Hoover. John is a longtime Tennessee Lady Vols fan and considers Pat Summitt the greatest coach in the history of the college game, men's or women's. He has also been a longtime and formerly long-suffering Wake Forest fan since the late Seventies and considers Randolph Childress and Riley Skinner to be the greatest Deacon athletes ever. EVER. He lives in Winston-Salem with his wife, Wendy, and their toddling little boy, Riley. That's right, Riley. What of it? John also shares his residence with his two step-kids Morgan and Chuck, one of whom is a freshman cheerleader at UNC-Wilmington while the other toils as a Junior at R.J. Reynolds High School. John is busy a lot.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Some guys buy motorcycles. Some guys get divorces. Me? I write about sports.

Welcome, America, to my mid-life crisis.

If you think about it, though, nothing about this little venture resembles a true mid-life crisis. These sorts of things are usually marked by hasty, impulsive decisions that ultimately have unfortunate and shameful repercussions. I actually researched this undertaking for almost two years before beginning my journey. I read pages and pages of content from all around the wildnerness of the sports blogosphere every day, particularly following the progress of one Blogger So Dear. For a bunch of kids, I thought, those guys sure do a great job.

Which is why today I am proud to be the newest member of the BSD team, covering Wake Forest women's basketball and contributing content for other sports when asked (or not). Blogger So Dear is the premier community for Wake Forest fans in the world and continues to grow weekly. Asking for this gig was harder than asking a girl to my junior prom. It figures to be a lot more fun in the long run, though.

While I have a chance, I should probably go over some ground rules regarding my posts. This is important, since my guess is that my writing on this site will probably have a split personality. We'll call this the "Mundy Manifesto".

  1. I WILL cover women's basketball in a professional, analytical fashion like my mortgage payment depends on it. There is an ugly trend of tabloid journalism out there, and I shan't partake.
  2. No matter what, I WILL NOT call for anyone's job or scholarship. I'm not afraid to report negatives, but by God and Randolph Childress it's going to be reflected on a box score or arrest report before I put the figurative "pen to paper". I may say something on a podcast, however. You never know.
  3. I WILL continue to do "A View From Section 2" for each home game during football season. This will be done purely from the standpoint of a longtime Wake football fan, and considering my first live game was during the Mackovic era...well, yeah, I'm qualified.
  4. Additionally,when writing the aforementioned football piece I WILL NOT sugarcoat what most reputable dictionaries refer to as "Derp" when it occurs. For either team.
  5. Finally, regardless of the objectivity necessary to properly cover a sport, I WILL teach my 21 month-old little boy what "GTHC" stands for and that Roy Williams may, indeed, be the devil (sources).
    Are we good? Good. You can find me on Twitter at, and feel free to drop me a line at I'll be sure to respond!