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Talking Wake-Boston College With BC Interruption

We at BSD have long been fans of the gang at BC Interruption. And in our two and a half years with SBN, we've had some great dialogue with the BCI boys. I don't know how others feel about Wake-BC, but in both basketball and football, I've really enjoyed the budding rivalry and great games that have occurred since the Eagles joined the ACC. So, naturally with the BC game on tap, we got with Brian at BCI for a Q&A. Our answers should be over on their site soon. In the meantime, hit him up on Twitter and make BCI a bookmark in your daily blog reads.

Brian and I talk Deacs-Eagles after the jump...

BSD: That Northwestern game sure looked demoralizing. How much did that loss, at home, hurt in the long run? Did it reveal problems that you guys weren't particularly expecting coming into the season? 


BCI: It was looking like the Northwestern loss might spell trouble for the Eagles and the program’s hopes of making a 13th consecutive bowl game, but then this team went ahead and found newer ways to lose to both Central Florida and Duke in weeks 2 and 3. In a word, the Northwestern game probably hurts the least now looking out at the rest of the season after the losses to UCF and Duke.


As for the revelations that came out of the Northwestern game, there are far too many to count. BC was extremely out coached in the loss to NU. The defense wasn’t prepared for the Wildcats’ up-tempo attack and ended up getting gassed in the end. After the first play from scrimmage, the Eagles’ usually reliable running attack could not get anything going. Both the offensive and defensive lines played poorly and while the offense did put some points on the board, they failed to execute in a number of key spots.


That being said, the BC-NU game was actually a fairly even one with the Eagles outgaining the Wildcats 479-424 on the day. But now in hindsight, that first loss clued us in to a number of problems that we weren’t exactly expecting this season.


BSD: Now that Harris is back and getting settled in, how big is this for the team? Does it bring your identity back? Will this be the first game he shows his old self? 


BCI: Getting Harris back will help, but I’m not sure it will address a fundamental problem with the BC offense. The offensive line continues to regress and they just aren’t getting anything going for the Eagles’ run game. There’s that, and we still don’t know what identify, if any, the Boston College offense has after the sudden departure of first year offensive coordinator Kevin Rogers.


BC hasn’t gotten much of anything going on offense this year, so there’s nowhere to go but up, I guess.


As for Harris’ performance, I expect him to get 15 carries or so and rush for 45-50 yards. Won’t be his old self, but will be serviceable. Andre Williams and Deuce Finch will hopefully make up for Harris’ lost production (his old self).

BSD: I know this could come back to haunt me if God forbid we lose to them too, but Duke...really? How? HOW? Seriously, what exorbitant amount of alcohol did you drink that day? What the hell happened? 

BCI: Still not sure I’m ready to talk about this loss just yet …


As for the HOW, all you need to do is take a look at the Boston College offense’s second-half drives:


4 plays, 19 yards, punt

5 plays, 17 yards, punt

4 plays, 10 yards, punt

3 plays, 8 yards, punt

3 plays, 0 yards, punt

9 plays, 74 yards, missed GW FG


Mind you, this is against Duke’s defense. Duke.


And yes, copious amounts of alcohol were drank that weekend.


BSD: Who are the playmakers Wake fans need to keep an eye on Saturday? Who will make the difference if BC is going to take one from the Demon Deacons? 


BCI: BC lost arguably its best receiver after the Northwestern game when Ifeanyi Momah went down. All he did was catch 8 balls for 157 yards in the season opener before going down for the year with a knee injury. In order for BC to win, QB Chase Rettig is going to have to have a good day throwing the ball and limit his mistakes.


You are all well aware of Montel Harris’ body of work, but keep an eye on Andre Williams as well. He’s had a couple of big runs on the year, and with a little help from the O-Line could have a big day.


On defense, BC’s consensus All-American LB Luke Kuechly tackles anything within a 25 yard radius. He’s currently on a 26-game streak of recording 10 or more tackles and anchors BC’s best unit on either side of the ball.

BSD: Assess the offensive line play this season. When I think of the Eagles, I think of giant pulling guards and pancake blocks, but I've gotta admit, I'm surprised to see BC one spot behind the Deacs at 97th in YPG (108.8). Outside of the 69 yard strike by Williams early in the Northwestern game, the Eagles are averaging 2.9 YPC. Is it a product of missing Harris that much? Or is there more involved?


BCI: As mentioned before, the offensive line has struggled mightily in 2011. Missing Harris is part of this, but certainly doesn’t tell the bigger picture. The offensive line just hasn’t gotten much of anything going this year. Very uncharacteristic for a school with a history of dominant play in the trenches.

BSD: Let's play the prediction game. How do you see Saturday playing out? Who comes out on top? What's the final score?


BCI: I had to cop out here, but I really don’t have the first clue how things are going to shake out on Saturday. Wake Forest has played BC the closest of any other ACC Atlantic Division opponent other than Clemson (6.3) so I would expect another close contest.


If pressed for a pick, I’m going to have to go with Boston College here, 24-20, but it won’t come easy and I’m sure Jim Grobe will figure out a way to score a touchdown with more trickeration.