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BSD Pick'Em Week 3 (Our Week 1)



Here is the updated table from BSD's Week 3 Pick'Em. The scoring is as follows:

  • 1 point for selecting game winner
  • 1 point for selecting the team that covers
  • 5 points for picking a score exactly right
I am in the early lead with 12 points through the first week. Rob is right behind me with 11 points, and Bart is bringing up the rear with a lowly 9 points. The difference was my decision to picking Duke (+7) to cover. 

Click through the jump for this weeks early lines.
NCSU vs. Cincinnati (-7)
Tulane vs. Duke (-10.5)
Temple vs. Maryland (-9)
Virginia Tech (-20.5) vs. Marshall
UNC vs. Georgia Tech (-6)
Florida State (-3) vs. Clemson
Southern Mississippi vs. Virginia (-3)