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BlogPoll Week 4 (Blogger So Dear)


Also considered: UNC, Florida International, Ohio St, Auburn, and Illinois

So we are off to a delayed start here in the BlogPoll, but we will keep cranking these out every week this year from here on out! Obviously we don't have a poll last week to compare it to, so these are my initial thoughts on how the teams should be ranked right.

I am sure that I am leaving a couple of teams off that aren't coming to mind, so I can certainly make some changes if y'all feel that this poll doesn't represent the current scene of NCAA football very well. 

Click through the jump for my explanation of who is where, and why!


  • Oklahoma takes the #1 spot in my opinion because of their win over a very good Florida State team on Saturday night. I admit that I thought this game would be a blow out in favor of  Oklahoma, but I was quite impressed with the way Florida State played as well (also why I only dropped them to #10).
  • LSU gets the 2nd place nod over Alabama because of their win over Oregon in Week 1. I haven't gotten the chance to see Roll Tide play yet, but I think a win over Oregon is more impressive than a win over Penn State at this juncture in the year.
  • The rest of the top 10 stayed pretty much the same, with the exception of FSU bumped down to 10. All of these teams TCOB and beat teams they were supposed to beat.
  • Same goes for teams 10-15. South Carolina struggled with Navy a little bit, and VT wasn't as dominant over Arkansas St. as I thought they would be. I expected Virginia Tech to be a little sharper at this point in the year, and that is why they are at #15.
  • 16-20 all goes to Florida and Texas teams. All of these teams won games they were supposed to win as well, and several were in very impressive fashion.
  • My 21-25 looks a bit different than most polls will. I probably have an ACC bias with both Georgia Tech and Clemson in there, but Clemson got a huge win over Auburn, and Georgia Tech lit up the scoreboard (and box score) with a romp over Kansas. Michigan St. drops from the teens to 25th with a loss to Notre Dame.
Let me know what you guys think and I'll make any changes!