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Sources: Texas Set To Vote Monday On Joining ACC


According to sources close to the situation, the Texas Board of Regents is set to vote Monday on joining the Atlantic Coast Conference. Earlier this weekend both Pittsburgh and Syracuse applied for admission to the ACC as the 13th and 14th members of the conference. The Big XII has existed in a state of limbo since news broke surrounding Texas A&M's leaving the conference to join the SEC. 

Texas would bring one of the most lucrative and prominent collegiate athletic programs to the ACC. If sources are correct, and the majority votes to move to join the Atlantic Coast Conference, the terms of the move remain to be seen. Many rumors have circulated about Texas perhaps joining conferences as a partial member for non-revenue sports and basketball, with football remaining independent. Were the Longhorns to join the ACC, it would more than likely do so in all sports with the Longhorn Network being an intriguing part of the move.