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Week 2 Power Rankings


Another week of football, and another update to the Power Rankings. The rankings remain relatively the same this week, as most of the teams played non conference opponents. This week there are a lot of conference matchups and big non conference games, so we will have a much greater idea of the hierarchy of teams in the conference after Saturday. As always, feel free to comment and post your own rankings. Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

1. Virginia Tech (2-0) Last Week  1

Result W (17-10) vs. ECU

This Week: vs. Arkansas St.

The Hokies were not as impressive offensively in this game as they were against Appalachian State, but their defense was exceptional. They gave up only 10 points to a team that scored 37 on South Carolina the week before. Arkansas St. will be no match for Virginia Tech this week, so look for the Hokies to have a dominating performance. 


2. Florida State (2-0) Last Week  2

Result W (62-10) vs. Charleston Southern

This Week: vs. Oklahoma

Florida State was more impressive this week, as they were able to rack up 64 points. Their offense will need to be exceptional if they want to keep up with the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday night. This is the primtime matchup that everyone has been waiting for. It will tell us if the Seminoles are 'back' or if they are still a young team that is a year away. If Florida State wins, then they catapult into the national championship picture. 


3. Maryland (1-0) Last Week 5 

Result BYE

This Week: vs. West Virginia

Maryland moves up by the virtue of the teams who played were less impressive. Clemson was especially underwhelming in their victory over Wofford. Maryland will be tested this week, as they face their rivals from West Virginia. Maryland has struggled with the Mountaineers in the past, so we will get a better chance of where they stand and where our conference stands when we watch this game on Saturday.

4. Miami (0-1) Last Week  6

Result BYE

This Week: vs. Ohio State

After Ohio State's performance against Toledo this weekend, this game against the Buckeyes suddenly looks very winnable for the Hurricanes. This is another great non conference game this weekend that will let us see where the ACC stacks up. Miami's team has a great deal of team speed, so we will see if that can create matchup problems on the perimeter.

5. Carolina (2-0) Last Week  4

Result W (24-22) vs. Rutgers

This Week: vs. Virginia

Carolina was not as impressive as they were against James Madison, but they were still able to pull out a win against a respectable Rutgers team. This team should be solid throughout the course of the year and could potentially win 9 or 10 games. If the Tar Heels want to win the Coastal title, it is absolutely critical that they beat Virginia this weekend.


6. Georgia Tech (2-0) Last Week  7

Result W (49-21) at Mid Tennessee

This Week: vs. Kansas

Georgia Tech's offense has been very impressive in the first two weeks of the season, even though they were against inferior opponents. Kansas will be their first real test of the season. Tevin Washington has had several long touchdown passes so far this season. Being able to have one big pass this Saturday will be a key if Georgia Tech wants to remain undefeated.


7. Wake Forest (1-1) Last Week 10 

Result W (34-27) vs. N.C. State

This Week: vs. Gardner Webb

We all watched this game, and we were all thrilled with the performance of our Deacs this past Saturday. Tanner Price proved that he is an elite quarterback, as he won ACC offensive player of the week. I'm thrilled that we were able to sign him, because I bet Mack Brown wishes he had Tanner under center this year. Kyle Wilber was also very impressive on defense, as we won ACC defensive player of the week. Gardner Webb will be no match for the Deacs this week, and then the Deacs will shift their attention to Boston College as we continue our quest towards bowl eligibility. 


8. Clemson (2-0) Last Week  3

Result W (35-27) vs. Wofford

This Week: vs. Auburn

I don't know what to make of this team. A team with as much speed and talent as Clemson, should never struggle with teams like Wofford and Troy. Auburn did not look impressive against Utah State, but they did against Mississippi State. Even though the game is in Death Valley, I expect Auburn to come out victorious. Clemson will need to improve quickly as their next three opponents are Auburn, Virginia Tech, and Florida State.


9. N.C. State (1-1) Last Week  11

Result L (34-27) at Wake Forest

This Week: vs. South Alabama

I don't care what his stats were, Mike Glennon proved on Saturday that he is an inaccurate quarterback. The only reason State moved up in the rankings were because neither Virginia nor Boston College looked very good. I also don't understand why N.C. State would schedule two FCS teams? Only one counts towards bowl eligibility. Schedule one FCS and then schedule a team like Akron.  N.C. State is going to be a borderline bowl team, so they may come to regret their decision to schedule this way.


10. Virginia (2-0) Last Week  8

Result W (34-31) at Indiana

This Week: at Carolina

I was very impressed with their game against William & Mary, but Virginia should beat Indiana by much more than three points, even if it is on the road. I don't know which Virginia team to expect against Carolina, but I know that if the team who played Indiana shows up then it could be a very long ride home for Virginia. 


11. Boston College (0-2) Last Week  9

Result L (3-30) at UCF

This Week: vs. Duke

I know this game was close headed into the 4th quarter, but what does it say about the character of this football team that they got outscored 21-0 in the 4th? Boston College must beat Duke this weekend if they want to avoid embarrassment. Boston College might have the toughest schedule in the conference, so if Boston College wants to be relevant in the bowl discussion, then they must beat Duke.


12. Duke(0-2) Last Week  12

Result L (44-14) vs. Stanford

This Week: at Boston College

This is going to be a very long season for the Blue Devils. I don't see them winning a conference game, so it will be very important for them to play well against FIU and Tulane. Every year when you think Duke Football is about to turn around, they turn into who we thought they were. It's very difficult to believe that David Cutcliffe turned down the head coaching position at Tennessee to stay with this program. I respect his loyalty, but I don't agree with his decision.