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Wake collapses, loses to Syracuse 36-29. Different verse, same as the first.

There's no point in even writing this postgame article.


You can fill in the blank any way you want. Wake games have become Mad Libs. I don't even have to watch them any more.

Something happens, a penalty happens that hurts, a kick gets missed, someone gets hurt, Wake gets hosed on a call, there are no camera angles because ESPN3 is the worst thing in history, the coaches go conservative and tighten up way too early instead of trying to bury a team...take your pick.

Bottom line. Wake dominated 3 quarters of this game and still couldn't find a way to win. And I'm talking DOMINATED. But they were up 3-0, then 6-0, missed an XP and an easy FG, had a bunch of 3rd down penalties to make it 3rd and long instead, and then the defense inevitably collapsed after the predictable injury to Tanner Price, who was having a great game.

Wake was up 29-14.

Then Syracuse scored 15 straight points in less than a quarter to tie it up. Wake blocked a FG to make it look like there was still a chance (also should be put up in the Mad Lib pile) with 2 minutes to go, but rather than give Stachitas a chance to win (because he also could lose), they ran out the clock. Naturally. To send it to OT. Syracuse scored right away, Wake got an offensive pass interference call on 4th down (that's a new one actually) to end the game.

This is a lot better if you just pretend it's some kind of big postmodern joke. Like an Andy Kaufman character or something. I might just try that.

Oh, Chris Givens had a good game. Tanner Price looked good when he was healthy but he HAS to find a way to get a more consistent delivery. Harris and Pendergrass had some good runs. Camp is gonna be really good if the team finds a way to get him involved more. The defense was okay in the first half, but really still has a lot of work to do. Blah blah blah.