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7/28 WFU Summer League Schedule (Live Blog starts at 6:30)



Another Thursday means another WFU Pro-Am day. The games once again start at 6:30 and run through 9:30 at FCDS in Winston. If you can make it out then I would strongly encourage you to do so. While it is not the best league out there, it is a very entertaining way to spend a weeknight, especially if you need a bi-weekly basketball fix like I do.

Also, if you have kids it is a great way for them to see the Wake Forest athletes up close and in-person. All of them will gladly take the time to talk with you as well, so get out there and support your Deacs on the hardwood!

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6:30- Team Guilford vs. Fields/McKie/CD

7:30- Harris/Keenan/Green vs. Chennault/Fischer/Walker

8:30- Holcomb-Fayes vs. Terrell/Tabb/Dawson

These games are a rematch of the first week (see 7/11 recap). When we get there we will update the standings and the leading scorers. 

Click through the jump for statistics through 5 games.