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How many games will Wake Forest win in football this year?



As the summer months wind down, and a return to school looms in the near future, we continue to turn our focus towards football season. This week we will begin our breakdowns of Wake Forest opponents (probably two a week), and prepare all of our readers for the regular season. We will continue to do our positional breakdowns as well after a brief hiatus (and of course continue with the Pro-Am coverage for basketball).

To kick this coverage off, let's find out what our fans expect of us this year. Here is a link to a different way to dissect our schedule this year, but of course feel free to go with any "gut-feelings" about our team as well. Please leave comments explaining your poll choice if you would like. This will also give us a chance to see how intelligent BSD readers are after the year. Enjoy!

Click through the jump for the 2011 Wake Forest schedule.