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7/21 Summer League Recap


Tonight's Summer League featured a solid performance by most Wake Forest players as well as the most exciting game I've seen in my three years attending the games. The first game got things off to a rather slow start, but things picked up from there, culminating in the night's final heated battle between CJ and Daniel Green's team against the Holcombe-Faye's which features LD and David Weaver

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Game 1 (Fischer/Chennault vs. Guilford)

This game really was not very entertaining at all. Fischer and Chennault's team was clearly better than Guilford but kept letting them hang around due to lackadaisical defense and failing to step out to defend the three. Both Chase and Tony got off to pretty slow starts, including a couple of early Chennault turnovers, before Fischer started picking things up towards the end of the first half. It was my first time ever seeing Chase play and he really impressed me from outside with his jumper, as well as his ability to find open players on the offensive end. Even without Chase and Tony playing well the rest of the team was well equipped to put Guilford away because of the size advantage but continually failed to do so. I think the Deac's team ended up winning by 5-10 points, but it was pretty close throughout the second half.

Tony ended up with four points while Chase ended up with 16 on seven shots. Chase got to the line a couple times and made it count making all of them. Tony only made one shot from the field but did get to the line to get a couple more. 

Game 2 (Travis/Carson vs. JT/an injured Anthony Fields who didn't play)

The second game started off about where the first game left off, relatively boringly, but things really started to heat up in the second half after JT's team took a one point lead into the break at 34-33. JT put on an absolute show in this one and really reminded me of his performance against Iowa and in last year's summer league, but under much more control. He had a few passes that were perfect but teammates failed to convert so his one assist is misleading. He really put forward more effort on the defensive end and had a couple of steals, including one against the opposing point guard in a one on one situation which resulted in him going to the line on the other end. 

Carson looked improved from the last time (last season) that I saw him as well. It looks like he's putting forth more effort on both ends of the floor and has worked hard on his back to the basket game. He is starting to get a better feel on rebounding position and looks to have put on a little more muscle during the offseason. A couple of times he rebounded his own miss and slammed it down with authority, something we certainly missed last year. His teammate Travis continued to be solid this summer and is the glue that holds teams together. He gets rebounds from the correct position, gets put backs, makes smart cuts down the lane, and knows how to finish when he gets to the rim. McKie is far and away the best player on the Wake roster.

In the end JT and Craig Dawson's team just had more talent on it and JT/Dawson ended up stretching it out to a twenty point game in an offensively charged second half. Dawson continues to be the best shooter in the summer league and is a fantastic representation of Wake Forest University.

Game 3 (CJ/Green (DNP,don't know why)/Keenan vs. LD Williams/David Weaver)

This was far and away the game of the night and was in all likelihood the best game I've ever seen in the summer league. While it was marred by inconsistent officiating, an absurd amount of trash talking, and a lot of physical play, it provided a lot of hope for Wake Forest fans. Green didn't play but was on the bench and it was unclear why. CJ sparked his team to a remarkable two point victory by consistently getting down the lane and getting to the free throw line. CJ/Grace/Keenan got off to a hot start making their first 6 shots and going up by double digits about five minutes into the game.

They continued to carry the momentum until LD drew a technical after a hard foul by a big man from CJ's team and getting up into his face. This seemingly sparked LD/Weaver's team as they rallied to take the lead at the half. Keenan played very well against Weaver inside and managed to snag 7 or 8 rebounds for the game despite giving up so much height to David. Keenan also managed to draw an inane technical when a Holcombe-Faye player dunked it, did a chin-up, twisted around, and put his crotch in Keenan's face who grabbed him by the waist and pulled him down to his feet. Ryan appeared poised to tackle the opponent until he thought better of it and just got into his face. Teammates had to separate the two, but somehow Keenan was the only one who got a technical. Mike Grace and LD Williams also had to be separated while someone was shooting a free throw...on the other end of the court, as LD was telling one of the bench members on Grace/Harris' team to "be quiet" in slightly harsher terms. 

The second half was ridiculously intense, but the HF's jumped out to a 9 point lead around the ten minute mark, seemingly putting the game away. Harris and Grace though continued to get down the lane and draw contact (when it was called at least) to put points on the board. Harris ended the game 11-12 at the line, with 17 points. The HF's still lead by six, 65-59, with three minutes left before back to back 3's by an unknown guard on CJ's team tied the game up. The point guard from the HF's drove the lane with 12 seconds left and failed to score giving CJ's team the last shot and they didn't disappoint. LD was playing lockdown defense on CJ, who did a very good job to gain some separation to get a floater up from about 8 feet over LD and Weaver. The ball bounced off the opposite side of the rim, right back to Keenan who put in an easy layup for the win. 

The guys not playing (Tony, JT, Travis) were all into the game and hooting and hollering from the sideline. JT also sprinted across the court without his shirt on after someone threw down a particularly hard slam. All-in-all CJ really impressed in the game, finishing with 7 assists to go along with his 17 points. He kept his team in the game, played good defense, and has a knack for getting to the basket. Behind Travis, he's the best player we have right now.

Final Stats (7/21)

Chase Fischer: 17 points, 3-7 from the field, 4 rebounds, 4 assists

Tony Chennault4 points, 1-6 from the field, 4 assists, 3 turnovers, 1 rebound

JT Terrell28 points, 9-14 from the field, 2 steals, 1 assist, 1 rebound

Travis McKie: 17 points, 7-12 from the field, 6 rebounds, 5 assists

Carson Desrosiers12 points, 6-9 from the field, 7 rebounds

C.J. Harris17 points, 3-9 from the field, 7 assists

Special Shoutout: Walk-on's Ryan Keenan and Aaron Ingle both played very well tonight. Ingle ended up with 5 or 6 assists as well as a couple of baskets. Keenan ended up with 6 or 8 points along with 8 boards as well as a put back game-winner for his team over the Holcombe-Faye's

Highlights of the night will be up sometime soonish, but this weekend is pretty crazy so no guarantees on how soon. No worries though, they will be up. If there are any questions or concerns let us know and we hope someone can answer them!