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7/21 Summer League (Live Blog begins at 6:30)


The Triad Pro-Am Summer League resumes tonight at 6:30 at Forsyth Country Day. We will continue our extensive coverage with a live blog, recaps, and video highlights throughout the night. I have had some technical difficulties with the highlights, but the recaps that are thrown up tonight will include breakdowns of Monday and tonight's games.

BJohnston will be heading up the live blog tonight so I can focus on highlights and try to work out what has been going wrong. Tune in at 6:30 for up-to-date information that will be better tonight with more people manning the helm for us here at BSD.

7/11 Live Blog

7/14 Live Blog

7/11 Recap

7/14 Recap

7/11 Highlights

7/14 Highlights


6:30- Chennault/Fischer vs. Guilford College

7:30- Fields/McKie/Desrosiers vs. JTT/Dawson

8:30- Holcomb-Fayes (LD/McFarland/Weaver) vs.  Harris/Keenan/Green

Click through for updated stats through 3 games.