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Triad Pro-Am Summer Hoops League (Live Updates)


After a period where we here at BSD, and others around the Wake Forest community, were not sure if the basketball team was going to be allowed to compete in the Triad Pro-Am Summer League this year at Forsyth Country Day School, we can happily say that the Deacons, old and new, start playing tomorrow night at FCDS.

There have been a few changes to the league this year, so click through the jump to check out the rosters, schedules, and what we here at BSD are going to do to keep everybody updated that can't make it to the games themselves.

Click through the jump for more information of the Summer League.

In years past, particularly last year, players from Wake Forest have not shown up for certain games for one reason or another. The new format this year (less teams, games two nights a week on Monday and Thursday), will seemingly change this for the best. There are six teams this year, with current Wake Forest players on four of them (the other two teams are the Guilford College team, and the Holcomb-Fayes, who are joined this year by former Deacs LD Williams, Chas McFarland, and David Weaver). The Holcomb-Fayes are certainly the favorites, and that provides the Deacs on the other team a chance at some really good competition throughout the league.

Another thing that less teams does for the team is get more players from our current team playing together. It has been two players in years past, but this year, all but one of the four teams that has Wake Forest players on it has three current Deacons. This will encourage them all to show up, be accountable for each other, and also get to know each other a little better on and off the court.

With less games, it also allows the crowds that want to go to the game the ability to watch all of them in one night instead of switching between two gyms. The games will be from 6:30-8:30 on Monday and Thursday nights, and will all be played in the big gym at FCDS.

The Deacons that are together are as follow (with a link to the full rosters under them):

C.J Harris, Ryan Keenan, Daniel Green

JT Terrell, Melvin Tabb, (and former Deac Craig Dawson)

Tony Chennault, Chase Fischer, Ty Walker

Anthony Fields, Travis McKie, Carson Desrosiers

Full Rosters Link

Schedule for 7/11

6:30- Team Guilford vs. Fields/McKie/CD

7:30- Harris/Keenan/Green vs. Chennault/Fischer/Walker

8:30- Holcomb-Fayes vs. Terrell/Tabb/Dawson

Full Schedule Link


Things to watch for tomorrow night

  • I expect the Fields/McKie/CD team to work very hard and probably surprise some people in the league this year. They should get a fairly comfortable win over Team Guilford in their first matchup tomorrow night.
  • The 7:30 matchup promises to be a good one with the two point guards from last year (Harris and Chennault) going at it. With Chennault presumably fully recovered from his foot injury, I am ready to see what he can do this year. Could give a good look at how far he has come/how he stacks up against CJ. It will also be good to see anything from Daniel Green because I have yet to see him play a second of basketball from anywhere.
  • The 8:30 matchup pits the best two teams in the league in my opinion. The Holcomb-Fayes have won multiple Summer League Championships, and with the additions of LD, Chas and D-Weave, that does not look to stop this year. Don't underestimate a team with JTT and Craig Dawson though, that team can obviously get back into a game in a hurry if they are clicking from the perimeter. I am very excited to see how Tabb looks after working hard to get back into shape on the court (and off the court for that matter). I would definitely advise staying to watch this game for the entertainment factor that it will provide.
We will do a breakdown of this sort every Sunday and Wednesday to get all of our readers prepared and a snapshot of what each game will bring. I am going to attempt to keep accurate statistics this year for Wake Forest players to give at least a rang of PPG/RPG/APG (and hopefully not too many TPG). Along with that, for our out-of-town readers who can't make the games, we will be recording the games and splicing up some highlight reels for everybody to get a look at the players, especially the freshmen. These highlights will usually be up on Tuesday/Friday mornings following the games on the night before. There will likely be recaps of the games about 10-11 PM the same night though, so tune in right after for up-to-the night updates of the teams and players.

We will probably attempt to talk to some of the players, particularly the freshmen and get their input on the Summer League, Wake Forest so far, and clicking with their teammates. This Summer League is exciting because as we all know, our team has a long way to grow. I for one am very excited about what we have done over the off-season, and eager to see how that translates on the court. 

If there is anything that I have left out, or something that you would like to see us do/ask a player, do not hesitate to post in the comment section, or shoot me an e-mail at We do this for all the Deacon fans out there that can't make it to the games, and I know how much people want to see our players. Comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome. Go Deacs!