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ESPN Follows Up On Wake Forest Sexual Assault Allegations From 2009


ESPN's Andy Katz provides more information on the news story originally broken by Blogger So Dear surrounding two former Wake Forest basketball players involved in an alleged sexual assault from 2009. The incident allegedly occurred while the Demon Deacon basketball team was in Miami for the NCAA Tournament. Earlier articles and multiple sources have verified the identity of the two players as Jeff Teague and Gary Clark.

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According to ESPN's Andy Katz:

The attorney for the two former Wake players said Tuesday night both of his clients were cleared of any wrongdoing by a school hearing and an investigation by the Miami police department into the alleged assault hours after the Demon Deacons were upset by Cleveland State on March 20, 2009, in the first round of the NCAA tournament in Miami.

Winston-Salem attorney Mike Grace told he represented former players Jeff Teague, now a member of the Atlanta Hawks, and Gary Clark, in the case that was adjudicated two years ago but is now coming to light again when the alleged victim appears on the Today Show. Grace said Teague's agent, Mike Conley, has endorsed Grace speaking on the matter.


A former Wake Forest student is expected to appear on the Today Show on Thursday on a segment discussing sexual assault on college campuses. Wake Forest cannot comment on the case due to privacy laws stemming from FERPA regulations. 

Blogger So Dear attempted to interview the alleged victim, but neither the victim nor her mother had any comments on the incident. 

For previous coverage on the incident from Blogger So Dear: 

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