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McDonald's All American's and ACC teams success with them.


I decided to do some research with Burger Boys and Tourney Appearances after reading the Harrison Barnes thread. I don't really know what to make of it but I gave comments at the bottom. I just thought it would be something interesting to look at and talk about. It can really go wherever people want it to. 

Click through for analysis of high school AA's and the school's success in the year after. Credit to BJohnston for the data and the analysis...just putting this up for him.

McDonald's All-Americans and NCAA Tournament Appearances Since 2005-2006 Expansion

Boston College: 0 AA, 3 TA

Clemson: 1 AA, 4 TA

Duke: 13 AA, 6 TA

Florida State: 1 AA, 3 TA

Georgia Tech: 5 AA, 2 TA

Maryland: 0 AA, 3 TA

Miami: 0 AA, 1 TA

UNC: 16 AA, 5 TA

NC State: 2 AA, 1 TA

Virginia : 1 AA, 1 TA

Virginia Tech: 0 AA, 1 TA

Wake Forest: 1 AA, 2 TA

There have been 40 McDonald's All-Americans and 32 Tournament Appearances since the ACC expanded in 2005-2006.

Only 6 teams have had a Burger Boy and missed the tournament the next year (Georgia Tech twice, NC State twice, Virginia, North Carolina)

Every single team in the ACC has made the tournament since expansion

Georgia Tech has vastly underachieved in this time period. In fact, they are the only team to have more Burger Boys than Tourney Apps besides State (other than UNC and Duke who couldn't). Both State and Tech have been seen to "underachieve" in most people's eyes so perhaps this validates that.

UNC and Duke should NEVER miss the tournament. UNC missed the tournament the same year they had more Burger Boys than anyone else in ACC history.

Boston College and Maryland have made the tourney the most for teams with no AA's in this time period

Clemson is faring well having had only one McD AA, but 4 tourney appearances.

Wake is pretty middle of the road. One AA, 2 tourney appearances.

Any other observations are welcome!