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BSD defensive 2-deep for Spring ball


Last Sunday I threw up the offensive two-deep projection, today is the spring game (if the weather doesn't shut it down), so I figured I would go ahead and do the defensive two-deep as it looks right now.

Some of these are still up for grabs, and it may not match the released depth chart for the spring game today (for example: Brandon Pendergrass is the first-string running back right now as opposed to Josh Harris because he is being rewarded for his durability). Hopefully most of it will be pretty close when football opens up next year. Either way it will give a better picture of what we are working with for next year.

Click through for the projected defensive two-deep for Wake Forest.

Defense (3-4 defensive formation)

DE (1) Zach Thompson 6-5, 255 RS SO

             Kris Redding 6-4, 255 RS SO

NG        Nikita Whitlock 5-11, 235 RS SO

              Ramon Booi 6-6, 300 RS JR

DE (2) Tristan Dorty 6-2, 255 RS SR

             Daniel Vogelsang 6-3, 235 SO

OLB (1) Kyle Wilber 6-5, 235 RS SR

               Zach "Ziggy" Allen 6-2, 215 SO

ILB (1) Riley Haynes 6-1, 225 RS JR

             Mike Olson 6-3, 230 RS SO

ILB (2) Scott Betros 6-1, 240 RS JR

             Gelo Orange 6-1, 230 RS SR

OLB (2) Joey Ehrmann 6-4, 215 RS JR

                Derricus Ellis 6-2, 245 RS JR

CB (1) Kevin Johnson 6-0, 160 SO

             AJ Marshall 5-11, 180 SO

S (1) Cyhl Quarles 6-3, 205 RS SR

           Daniel Mack 6-0, 195 RS SO

S (2) Josh Bush 5-11, 200 RS SR

          Desmond Cooper 6-2, 200 SO

CB (2) Kenny Okoro 6-0, 195 RS JR

             Merrill "Bud" Noel 5-10, 180 SO